So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

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"Always be kinder than you feel."


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I thought we were having a moment…you ruined it

I’m crying


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hi! so i recently reached 1k followers and i’m super happy about it! to celebrate, i though i would make a few masterposts for y’all. I might make a tumblr-related one later, too. anyways, i hope you like this one, and all of the links open in new tabs!


the psychology of color

how to mix skin tones

color harmony

a ton of colour palettes

how to contour/highlight

colour meanings

how to colour

how to draw…

how to draw hoods

how to draw boobs in shirts

how to draw hair

how to draw faces

another face tutorial

how to draw hands

how to draw mouths

how to draw expressions

more expressions

cargsdoodle’s body tutorial

how to draw arms

how to avoid same facing

how to draw clothing folds


drawing references

hairstyle references

eye references

a ton of clothing references

ear references

kneeling/sitting references

kissing references


adobe creative suite 2 free download

sai brush downloads

sai brushes

alternative to photoshop

photoshop for free

mypaint drawing program

a ton of free art programs


pixel art: a beginner’s guide

an AWESOME tutorial masterpost

my art tag

glitch effect tutorial


This guy has achieved more with a webcam and his dog than I ever have in my life.

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first of all what

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Before and After Pictures of Animals Growing Up [via]

Previously: Animals Using Other Animals as Pillows




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For those going on internet blind dates (or just traveling somewhere alone)




Kitestring is a simple webapp that checks up on you and sends a text message to your emergency contacts if you don’t respond by a designated time.

Enter your ETA and Kitestring will send you a text message to reply to. You can extend your check in time via SMS or check in early. If you don’t respond to Kitestring’s text message, your emergency contact(s) will get your customizable alert message. [x]


signal boost

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if easter and 4/20 are both today can it be called a joint holiday

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fellas to my left…honeys on my right…folks who don’t fit into the gender binary levitate above me in cool poses…

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im not sure who I relate to more
kelso, red, or eric

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whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal

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the only people to meet brienne and greet her with respect instead of insults on her size and appearance

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the fact that jj abrams felt the need to fucking bLOW UP one of the most important planets in the star trek univerSE JUST TO MAKE SPOCK SAD IS THE FUcKING MOST RIDICULOUS FUCKIGN THING ‘I’V eEBrRRR SEenE nNNN

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